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  • Gallentherapeutika
    • Presentation about bile therapeutics, pharmacy, TU Braunschweig, 6. semester, 2002-07-05
    • pdf-file, 532 kB
  • Konto
    • Worksheet for Microsoft Excel that can help you calculate interests and costs of bank accounts as well as it may help you to compare different bank account conditions.
    • xls-file, 57 kB
  • Ratensparen
    • Small Microsoft Excel worksheet that might help you to calculate and compare some instalment saving plans. It might also be useful to find out if some insurances (e.g. life insurance) are a good deal at all...
    • xls-file, 19 kB
  • Tankrechner
    • Since fuel is becoming more and more expensive some people think it is quite a good idea to travel long distances to get cheaper fuel abroad. This Microsoft Excel worksheet may answer you the question if they are right. Some times they really are not, even if they save 20 € first...
    • But you may also use it to see, whether it is in fact cheaper to buy more expensive fuel at your local gas-station than to buy some cent cheaper fuel at a gas-station some kilometers farer away.
    • You will see, if you want to look at the cost, you should look at the total cost.
    • xls-file, 20 kB
  • Teedrogen-Etiketten
    • Labels for the "Teekurs" (a practical course on tea drugs), pharmacy, TU Braunschweig, 2002
    • rtf-file, 16 kB

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