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Hello and welcome at BDsoft


Since most of our pages are only available in German as yet, you might want to have a look at our software section. These pages provide some English contents including some programs with English user interfaces. Nevertheless, we will give you a brief overview of all of our contents:

Besides the already mentioned software section, there are two larger projects on this site. The smaller one deals with emergency medical aid, respectively emergency medical service. To have a look at that pages click on the following link: Rettungsdienst. The very much larger project, currently containing several thousands of pages, is about pharmacy and is therefore called Pharmazie (the German translation of pharmacy), or as we prefer pharm@zie (what is in fact more a trademark than a word...). Unfortunately, I don't have much time to work on it, so it's getting more and more outdated... 

Our search page bundles (some of) the most important search engines of the web. You are welcome to visit it here and to make it your default homepage... Test it!

Finally, there is a news page, giving you a quick overview of the world's current issues, and a download page where you might find something useful or just our banners...


If you came here using a search engine, this page may not be displayed correctly. If you do not see our BDsoft-logo in the upper left corner, please try loading the complete frameset by clicking on: www.BDsoft.de/en/.

And now: Enjoy!



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BDsoft does not send spam mails! If you received such a mail, using our domain name, someone faked its sender! We are really sorry for the caused inconvenience, but cannot do anything against it...

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